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Making a Murderer: The Brendan Dassey Case

The Barry Beach Case in Montana

The Fairbanks Four Case In Alaska

The Jimmy Dennis Case in Pennsylvania

The Mark Lundy Case In New Zealand

The Sebastian Burns & Atif Rafay Case

Debra Milke Discusses Her Exoneration

Will Science Free Jeffrey Havard?

What Can Advocates Learn From Amanda Knox Case?

The Jamie Snow Case: Overview & Update

The Russ Faria Case: Murder Conspiracy Among Friends Or Wrongful Conviction?

Did False Testimony Lead To The Wrongful Conviction Of Byron Case?

The Cameron Todd Willingham Case: Did Texas Execute An Innocent Man?

The Brian Peixoto Case: Did Misdiagnosis Lead To Wrongful Conviction?

Prosecution Lied To Secure Conviction Of Death Row Inmate Jeffrey Havard

The David Thorne Case: Did Police Frame An Innocent Man?

The Rodney Lincoln Case: Does New DNA Evidence Prove His Innocence?

The Shaken Baby Syndrome Debate: Is SBS Junk Science?


Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito: Dissection of a conviction

Injustice Anywhere: Highlighting Our Featured Cases

It’s Time For Missouri to Release Ryan Ferguson’s Co-Defendant Charles Erickson

Innocent On Death Row: A Discussion With Two Death Row Exonerees

 Upcoming Event In McLean County Illinois: Does Innocence Matter?

 New Expert Evidence Could Lead To New Trial In Jeffrey Havard Death Penalty Case

The Amanda Knox Case: Analyzing The DNA Evidence

 The Wrongful Conviction Of Jamie Snow

Injustice Anywhere: a bright outlook for the future

The Nyki Kish Case: An Appeal For Justice

 The Amanda Knox Case: An Italian Perspective

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