Claims of Innocence

Claims of Innocence

These websites are provided for informational purposes only. Injustice Anywhere has not reviewed the details of each of these claims of innocence and does not endorse the claims made. Please visit the Featured Cases page to view the case we are currently working on.

Angola Three

Courtney Bisbee

Anthony W. Broom

Penny Brummer

Jerome Campbell

Byron Case

Frank Casteel

Frank Chester

William Coleman

Paul Cortez

Dennis Dechaine

Michael DeLoe

Jason Derrick

Scott Dyleski

Free The Fairbanks Four

Fernieside Three

Enrico Forti

William Gage

Johnny Lee Gates

Eddie Gilfoyle

Zeke Goldblum

Michael Goodwin

Kevin Richard Herrick

Henry Houghton

Paul Ingram

Paul Kamienski

Bob Kaseweter

Temujin Kensu

Benjamin LaGuer

Kevin Lane

Mike Ledford

Michael Lindsey

Rodney Lincoln

Kirstin Blaise Lobato

Jeffrey MacDonald

Steven Darby McDonald

Michael McKevitt

Debra Jean Milke

Jeffrey Nickel

Efren Paredes, Jr.

Carlo Parlanti

Jason Payne

Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera, Anna Vasquez and Kristie Mayhugh

Darlie Routier

Dennis Michael Salerno

Leo Robert Schofield

Hank Skinner

Raye Dawn Smith

Jamie Snow

Art Sobey

Rodney K. Stanberry

Larry Ray Swearingen

John Taft

John Thompson

David Thorne

Alfred Trenkler

Betty Wilson

Karl Winsness

Clinton Lee Young

Jason Young

Paul Zumot