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Featured Case: Charles Erickson

Charles Erickson
Charles Erickson

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Case Update: March 10, 2016, Charles Erickson to appeal conviction in 2001 killing

Ryan Ferguson is a free man. Unfortunately, Charles Erickson remains wrongfully convicted, and is currently serving a 25 year prison sentence in Missouri for the murder of Kent Heitholt. Anyone that supports Ryan Ferguson should support the release of Charles Erickson.

Charles Erickson had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of Kent Heitholt. It is understandable that many of Ryan’s supporters may feel that Charles bears some responsibility for Ryan’s wrongful conviction. People really need to take the time to learn about false confessions before passing judgment. The police are responsible for extracting a false confession out of a young man that was in no position to give a proper statement. Charles must not be held accountable for the egregious misconduct of the police investigating the Heitholt murder. Charles must not continue to be punished for a murder he did not commit. The Heitholt family deserves justice. The continued incarceration of Charles Erickson brings no justice and no real closure for the family of the victim.

Injustice Anywhere launched FreeCharlesErickson.org in 2014. The website was created to help bring a better understanding to Charles Erickson’s case. It is now blatantly obvious that Charles Erickson had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of Kent Heitholt. This case continues to highlight the terribly flawed Missouri justice system. It is time for the nonsense to end.

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Supporters of Charles Erickson have created a Facebook cause page to help bring more attention to his case. Please visit the Charles Erickson Facebook page to learn more about this case and to keep up with current events.


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  • Sara Ann

    I simply cannot believe this man remains in jail. The insanity must stop.